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Pradaxa is the brand name of the chemical Dabigatran; it is an anticoagulant (blood thinner) which is used to help prevent serious blood clots and strokes in people who have atrial fibrillation.

After its approval by the FDA in October 2010, the drug garnered widespread popularity.

However, recent reports have brought to light the serious and even fatal side effects that this drug may have caused.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury or death after taking Pradaxa, it is important to speak with a Pradaxa lawyer about your legal rights as soon as possible.

After receiving numerous reports of serious injury and death, the FDA announced it would begin an investigation into the safety of Pradaxa. Unfortunately, most of the adverse side effects that were reported involved heart attacks or massive internal bleeding.

Lawyers have already started helping patients and their families who may have been affected by the drug recover from their loss. 

A Pradaxa lawyer can explain the legal process as well as advise you to whether or not you should seek legal action. They can also let you know if you may be entitled to a substantial financial compensation. However, the time available to act is limited.

Even though Pradaxa has only been on the market in the United States since 2010, there have been reports that this drug has very serious health risks.

Families that have suffered through seeing a loved one become seriously injured or even killed after taking Pradaxa have already filed lawsuits with a Pradaxa lawyer.

Within only weeks after the FDA's approval for use, there have been more detrimental reports about Pradaxa than with over 98% of the other drugs on the market.

After just 5 short months, the FDA's reporting arm MedWatch had reported several hundreds of patients suffering from massive internal bleeding and death.

A March 6, 2012 report in the Journal of Neurosurgery detailed the tragic death of an 83 year old atrial fibrillation patient who had just started taking Pradaxa. After suffering from a low-level fall, doctors were unable to stop the bleeding because there is no reversal agent for Pradaxa. 

A Pradaxa lawyer will be able to explain to you how the manufacturer of this drug may have known of its fatal risks but continued to market it anyway.

Lawyers with the Pradaxa Litigation Group have helped thousands of families recover after an injury from a defective drug and were some of the first to help Pradaxa patients.

These same lawyers are standing by to discuss your case with you today.

Before choosing a lawyer, make sure they are qualified to handle this type of case and have experience fighting large drug companies.

The Pradaxa Resource Center works with only the top defective drug lawyers and law firms in the country to make sure your case is handled properly. Contact us today for more information on the side effects, treatment and litigation associated with Pradaxa. We are available 24 hours a day to answer questions and provide help.



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